Open Source Art

InkLab is a graphics source sharing platform that allows artists and graphic designers to freely host, track, remix and collaborate on digital artwork that is created using image editing software such as Gimp, Photoshop, and Krita.

InkLab provides a revision history for each project and every layer in a project, allowing you to revert changes to a previous saved state.

Open sharing is encouraged so that experienced digital artists, as well as newcomers, can more easily create the awesome projects they imagine. Contributions are automatically tracked, so no one's work is forgotten.

Please check out the FAQ and Getting Started for more in depth information, and then feel free to send us any questions or comments here. Happy sharing.

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News + Updates

Updates 6-Nov-2019

Some updates!

  • First news post trying out the built in news system!
  • Bugfix: layer groups will behave properly taking into account opacity and visibility now
  • Made provisions for anon upload from Photopea (beta, as is everything >.>)
    • 2 years ago
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