It would seem that the distribution of the 'source code' of graphics files (that is, Gimp, Photoshop, Krita or other files which contain the actual layer data) is in general very rare. Because these files often provide many more practical useful attributes than the raw image files which they may be compiled into, this site was created as a general repository for these resources, with an open source style philosophy in mind. In addition to this overarching goal, the site strives to provide as many tools as possible to help people get exactly what they need quickly, or collaborate effectively.

Attributing proper credit to all creators is very important, and tools to help make attribution as easy as possible have been built into InkLab accordingly. We specifically provide a 'fork' function to automatically make sure that the recourses you share are credited, or, if you forget to fork, and have used another artists work directly from a downloaded source file or raw image, you can retroactively mark the layer(s) as originating from the original artists project.

Are we missing a feature which you feel would be useful to your workflow? This site is a new adventure both for it's creators as well as the digital art community in general. As such, we are completely open to any suggestions that you would like to throw at us and we will honestly try to get back to you personally as quickly as we are able! If you have a moment to express your feedback or desires, please head over to the Feedback page and drop us a line!